Thursday, 28 February 2019

Passionate Paris!

Hello, Lovelies...oh I WISH I was in Paris but no, I'm just home in noisy urban Cape Town.
Talking about time travel...I am already in the first day of March. Here, it is exactly 8am on a warm and humid Friday morning. 😊

Although I did visit Paris once when my eldest son was two years old. We were waiting for the lights to change so that we could cross the road to a bakery on the other side of a busy Rue Saint Dominique. My little son was in my arms but just as we were about to step off the curb, a speeding scooter whizzed by! We got such a fright! But it almost instantly turned to delight when the girl passenger on the scooter tossed a large teddy bear our way! She laughed and waved as we caught it! Doux et beaux souvenirs de Paris💗

On another more "work" related note. For all you Yarnarinnas who are well into hooking your High Tea, hang on to those warmed up hooks because the extended part is not far off! As I mentioned before, High Tea is part of four large floral themed afghan blocks. Each block will be extended to a Throw. The extended parts will be offered as a separate pattern so that you can mix and match extensions and squares! However, you don't have to extend your block. You can make all the squares and then work them together to make a blanket of any size you like ( depending on the number of squares you work together ). I'm into being flexible. Can you tell? 😁

If you're on Instagram please do #highteafloralblock or #hooksntales to share your finished pieces so that we can all admire your lovely work. Oh my word, you are all so talented with your colourways!
I can't share them all here but do view them on IG, and on the Ravelry pattern page.

Todays Colour Friday is Scheepjes Colour Crafter

* Urk 1034
* Helmond 1724
* Amstelveen 1277
* Brugge 2003
* Middelburg 1003
* Coevorden 1823

Wishing you a sweet and beautiful weekend, filled, I hope, with warm chocolate croissants, good coffee and a basket full of yarn!
Jen 💋

Friday, 22 February 2019

Let's Colour Friday!

Hello, Lovelies!

Is it too soon to be thinking of Easter? On Valentine's Day, I finally removed the Bling from our ancient Xmas Tree. Weird, I know but I'd done such a good job with the bedecking, and it looked so festive and happy-making, that I couldn't bear to pack it all up again.😄

Finally, all the pretty baubles are carefully packed away ( some are genuinely precious with a long history attached ). But the Tree remains because I have decided we need an Easter Tree. 🐇 I'll be making some adorable felt Easter Eggs to hang on my Easter Tree. Easter Tree, it just sounds like the right thing to do, right!?

These little cuties are made by Dusi Crafts and are available on Etsy.
If you'd like to make your own but not sure how then follow this tutorial. by Lia Griffiths.
If you'd like to make a really snazzy Easter Egg then follow this tutorial HERE by Wendi Gratz.

Take care, and wishing you all a lovely, fabulous and yarny-related weekend.