Thursday, 26 November 2020

Happy Part 1!

 Hello again, Lovelies!

Oh, I don't like doing's so impersonal but I'm issuing a blanket THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH for all your comments on the previous post! Our GIVEAWAY winners have been randomly chosen so if you entered your Ravely name please check your Ravelry just in case. 

As you know, I love to answer each and every comment! However, my poor typing fingers ( I have two πŸ˜†) declared a strike by first numbing the fingertips then cramping a few key hand muscles. Is this why people have Personal Assistants? I asked Roxy and Lally if they were interested in the job. They furiously wagged their tails and jumped about, basically indicating that they didn't evolve into Dogs just to work for the rest of their lives! There was also mention of upping cookie rations and an extra daily walk because did I not know they were Doggie Princess's and not us working class?

In the meantime, Miss Augusta snuggled deeply into the Chrysalis Throw yarn basket which made it impossible to begin Part 2 of our Mystery Make-Along. As we speak, it's STILL a Mystery even to me. By the by,  those of you Lovelies who purchased the will find Part 1 in your Ravelry Library.

I don't have the heart to move her! πŸ’“

These days I have a small team of Testers. I'm sharing a few of the "tests" completed so far and I'm sure you'll be inspired to create your own unique colourway too? It's taken me ever so long to summon up the courage to work with Testers...don't ask me why. Ok, fine, I'll tell you. πŸ˜† It's probably something to do with losing my mother when I was five years old. She wasn't "lost" so much as died from colon cancer at twenty-four. A young girl, without her Mom, often becomes very independent, resourceful, and self-sufficient. Asking for help is not an option when you have had to rely on self-preservation instincts for most of your life. There's a lot more to it but of course, I don't want to make you all cry, right? Crochet is our fun and happy place! Back to my wonderful Testers who I cannot thank enough, truly you are all a blessing!

Rene πŸ’“

Urooj πŸ’“

Amy πŸ’“

Samantha πŸ’“

Yunita πŸ’“

If you haven't yet joined our Mystery Make-Along and would like to then you can find Part 1 HERE. Note, the purchase price includes ALL PARTS ( image-rich + detailed videos throughout ).

Lovelies, as always I wish you a calm, safe and peaceful weekend.

May your yarn basket be ever full ( with yarn, not cats...although cats...ok, I'll see myself out now ).


Jen xx

PS: our GIVEAWAY today is another 5-copies of The Chrysalis Throw Mystery-Along. This is another chance to win a free copy! I'll be doing this until the Mystery Make-Along is completed. Don't forget to leave your Ravelry name if you comment. πŸ’—

PPS: I forgot to mention that I met a handsome Prince last week while the fur-girls and I were on our daily walk in the forest. πŸ˜‰

Friday, 20 November 2020

Days of my life, and Chrysalis!

Hello, Lovelies! 

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend. I hope you are all well and staying safe?

Since our unpleasant visitation from a certain Crown Virus, a visitor that insists on overstaying it's welcome, days have begun to blend together. From what I'm reading on media platforms, it's becoming the norm to hear people say " what day is it? ". To help get me through these challenging times has been to create specific rituals for each day. Let me explain:

MONDAY: is mending day. Not only sewing on the odd button or taking up a hem but also bits and pieces of kitchenalia or garden-related paraphernalia ( fixing a fence pole, oiling the clippers, replacing a dodgy plug on the weedeater ). Also, I sort out what to keep and what to give away or repurpose. This is over and above the usual chores of the day. So that's Monday!

TUESDAY: I bake...cookies, muffins, bread...whatever! I know it's Tuesday because otherwise there are no cookies for the rest of the week to enjoy with my coffee! And that's never a good situation.

WEDNESDAY: Wash Roxy and Lally. As soon as I collect their towels they BOTH step meekly into the shower. Yep, they know there are cookie treats waiting for "good girls". Then it's a blowdry with the hairdryer. Immediately afterward,  they run back into the garden to roll around in the sand and grass... and that's why I have to wash them every Wednesday.

THURSDAY: Garden Day. All. The. Things. are snipped and clipped. Leaves are swept, Roses are dead-headed and fed. If it's not too hot, I have been known to climb a ladder and clean out the gutters.

FRIDAY: Call my beloved 88yr young Aunt who lives 1000 kilometres away. This is our Friday thing. If we don't chat then it's not Friday!

SATURDAY: Mr. HooksnTales is home. I get coffee in bed! HA!

SUNDAY: is always Kalk Bay day. We head out early before 9am to our favourite deli, the iconic Olympia Cafe HERE. There is a side entrance bakery to the restaurant which opens at 6am. We stock up for the week on fresh sourdough and ciabatta bread, spinach and feta filled croissants ( for the Mr ), and Mushroom and Lentil Pies for the Mrs. We order excellent coffee and walk to the harbour wall where we watch fishing boats bob on the waves and feed seagulls our crumbs. We spend some time chatting and making plans...good coffee makes you very chatty! πŸ˜†


Of course, there's always lots of crochet and designing going on in between trying to keep track of the days. Especially when you are the very fortunate recipient of a large box of super-yummy, deliciously squishy yarn from WECROCHET. Xmas arrived early! Honestly, Lovelies this is not a commercial plug for a Yarny know I'm not into that! But up until I was contacted by WECROCHET, I'd never heard of them! I must point you to their lovely Podcasts HERE, which I have listened my way through... at the rate of knots! As you can tell, I'm not very good at plugging! Just go visit their website. It's LOVELY!! Of course, I immediately dived in and made a thing with the gorgeous City Tweed. Find out more HERE. I wish you could smell this divine yarn through your computer. Someone needs to bottle the City Tweed fragrance!

In other crochet-related news, I am working on a " secret thing " which I can't really show you right now. But soon! HOWEVER, there is one " secret thing " out of the bag! TADAAAAA, we're going to be embarking on another Hooks 'n Tales crochet Throw Mystery Make-Along adventure! I've called this one " Chrysalis ". The idea for the name came from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows HERE.  The name for the new Throw is derived from Chrysalism: n. the obscure feeling you have when a storm is raging outside. There is thunder and lightning, you feel the air crackle with tension, rain pelts against the window panes. You enjoy the amniotic tranquility of being cosy and safe indoors.


Today I am releasing the Prelude to the Chrysalis Throw on Ravelry HERE. This will give you a little time to decide on your own colourway and purchase yarn if need be. I also added the stitches we'll be playing with plus other maybe useful information. The Chrysalis Throw is a MYSTERY MAKE-ALONG, explored in 3-Parts: The Square ( 30cm x 30cm/12" x 12" ), The Block ( 50cm x 50cm/20" x 20"), The Throw ( 1.20m x 1.20m/ 48" x 48" ). Again, expect a romantic, vintage-feel, floral-themed, richly- textured and decorative end result. Crochet, Yarn, Florals, Texture...yummy, right? Part 1-The Square will be available on Ravelry Friday 27 November. And Monday 30 November on Lovecraft.

Of course, our GIVEAWAY today is 5 copies of The Chrysalis Throw Mystery Make -Along!  Don't forget to add your Ravelry name to your comment below to stand a chance of winning a copy! 


There were a lot more things I wanted to share with you, Lovelies but who has time to read a book these days...oh, hang on, we do! πŸ˜† Wishing you all a very calm, peaceful ( yet fun! ) Yarny weekend! I hope that all the little things will bring you much joy! 

HUGS as always!