Friday, 13 July 2018

We arrive in Barrydale!

 Barrydale is delightful! Typically, like many other small Karoo villages, Barrydale is home to an eclectic mix of talented people, a yummy bag of peopley all-sorts! It's not unusual to find the most interesting ( eccentric? ) people tucked away in these charming hide-outs, happily crafting away in the nooks and crannies of our beautiful Karoo.

To keep starvation at bay ( I'm kidding, but the starving Artiste does cut a  more tragi-romantic figure, right? ), many of these amazing Artists also run their homes as Guesthouses! ( click on the links for an eye-feast! ). Without the constraints and noise of city life, with lots of quiet and space to think, these Guesthouses are welcome oasis's carefully and often very beautifully decorated, to make any weary traveler coming in from the dusty dry Karoo plains, feel like never going home to the distractions of urban living. And people are gracious, oh my, we forget how living far away from the madding crowd can reset us, inside and out, to our default mode before the stress of constant Adulting made us grumpy! Here's me looking exactly like an h'anry, tired and hot grumpy adult!

We arrived before it's no wonder I was grumpy seeing as the only place open, for lunch, was closed! Even though there was an Open sign on the door! Drats! We were just about to leave when the owner arrived and made us a slap-up lunch of toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches, fries, and a greek salad! Not exactly haute cuisine! No complaints from Miss H'angry though. 😃

After we'd checked in to our little, homely Guesthouse, we then went on an exploratory walk around the entire village making friends with Cats, Dogs and Humans alike. Everyone. Was. Friendly!
We did stumble upon this adorable shop called Magpie where they make the most outlandishly creative functional bits entirely from recycled materials!

We were told that one of their upcycled Chandeliers was shipped over to Barak and Michelle Obama!

 And that was it! Nothing happened except a deep, soaking delicious lethargy, brought on by food, wine, gracious hosts, and rare old-fashioned peace and quiet! Thanks, Barrydale, we'll be back! 😊

Now on to Part Four - Barrydale!

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Until next time!