Thursday, 5 August 2021

Midwinter break!

   Lovelies, I'm on a mid-winter break ( JOKING! You know I'm crocheting up a new pattern and designing the extension for Harvest Moon! ). 

  August is my birthday month and since way back, I've ritualised this month to do all sorts of  "taking stock" exercises. For example, clearing out my clothing cupboard and sorting through all the bits and bobs that accumulate over the year. You know, drawers, the tops of shelves, book stacks, the sock nook, sewing baskets, mending, make-up bag, unused or half-used toiletries, and so on. All of that wants a going-through! The good stuff is parcelled up and set aside for our gardener's wife. I know that sounds posh but Archie comes around twice a month to beat our garden into submission and without him, Mr H&T and I would have long ago been gobbled up and absorbed into the foliage never to be found again! And then who would make the patterns some of you have told me you're addicted to?

  I've always loved the month of August. Summer turns to face its demise, Winter puts up less of a fight and graciously allows sneak-peeks of what's ahead. It's a month of harvest, dusting off abandoned cobwebs and opening an optimistic window. Whether you're in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, August brings relief in the form of quiet promise. Have you noticed how the light changes in August? ANYWAY...let's move on to important things!😆 PART 2 of the Harvest Moon Block ( HERE ) is done and dusted! For those of you Lovelies who already have the pattern, you'll find PART 2 in your Ravelry Library today. PART 3, the Extension will be available in September. Through August, GIVEAWAYS here will be on hold. HOWEVER, if you're a Member of our FAB pattern workshop group ( HERE ) then you'll know we're running bi-weekly  "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" pattern combos! These will continue through the month of August, so do scoot on over and join in the fun?

So, without further ado...I have drawers to tidy up and now that I think of it, Mr H&T sauntered out into the garden this morning and I haven't seen him since. Better ring up Archie!😁

Lovelies, it's still pretty wild out there so please do take extra care and stay safe!

Wishing everyone a relaxing, peaceful, creative weekend.

💗 Jen