Saturday, 22 October 2016

The French Connection Square

South Africa is a fascinating country. Our food and ethnic cultures, so incredibly diverse. It’s almost impossible to round up all these influences into one “South African Identity”. Many of us know that here is where it all began, well the roots of man/womankind and that through the millennia many of us gradually migrated ever northwards and eventually into Europe. Now, some of us are back, and boy do we have some stories to tell! 

I hope you enjoy this new pattern as much as I enjoyed designing and making it! :D  Oh, I do love frilly, flowery, lacy things! 

Much love, always and may the crochet bug never stop biting you!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Thank you so much!

Just a quick note to apologise for not answering comments from the lovely people who left notes. My comments section here was on the wrong setting! But I've sorted that all out now. Thank you so very much for popping in and taking the time to post a comment. I appreciate them very much! I've been having so much fun designing afghan squares and finally getting the hang of writing them out, and doing all the techy work of putting PDF's together. Who says an old horse can't learn new tricks! :D I've had such lovely comments about my designs ( all three...hee hee ) and this has only encouraged me further to explore my design skills, At this point my mind in full of're going to get bored with me churning out patterns! :D I also have lots of stories to tell because somehow each pattern seems to jog memories...or is that the other way around?Well, nevermind, I do love sharing these little snippets of my life with you lovely people. It's sort of cathartic too, to write them out. Some are quite sad though, but I hope not too many. I don't want to make anyone cry into their crochet! And of course, if you feel you would like to share your own stories here...I would LOVE to read them. So please, don't be shy.

Until the next pattern, take care and may the crochet bug never leave! :D

Love, always

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Moonlight Owl Pattern and Story

 Hello, Lovelies! Thank you for visiting this pattern. Just to let you know that I am completely revising the pattern and will re-release in my Ravelry Store in 2019!

It's been a truly crazy busy few weeks here in Four Seasons in a Day, Cape Town! I'm not joking when I say I spend at least 10 minutes gazing at my cupboard trying to decide what to wear. Layers, yes I know, but I really don't know how to layer. I need help. I am rubbish at "fashion"! Anyhow, between all the latest house renovations. Long overdue I might add. I have managed to maintain some sort of emotional balance by making sure I get a fair share of hooky time in. And I am so into this pattern designing thing. I can't stop! I'm slowly getting the hang of writing them out. perhaps not as well as could be but then I am still learning. Also, putting together PDF's. My sons are impressed. They are all very tech minded.

I designed two simple options for the border. Some like it lacey, others prefer something a bit more robust. :-) This square works up really quickly once you get the hang of it. I can picture a beautiful cushion cover, a lovely throw or perhaps a sweet vintage look blanket?

I hope that wherever you are in this crazy world of ours, that you are putting your feet up and enjoying a well-earned bit of hooky!


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cherry Blossom in the Snow

Hello, Lovelies! Thank you for visiting this pattern. Just to let you know that I am completely revising this pattern and will re-release it in my Ravelry Store in 2019!

 Inspired by Clarens, a delightfully quaint little hamlet nestled into the hills of the eastern - Free State in South Africa. This is square two of a series based on my favourite towns here, special places for different reasons which have touched my heart or inexplicably moved me in some way.

Our stay in Clarens was magical, with a liberal sprinkling of Fairy Tale about it, especially since it spanned over the unique winter months there. Clarens is unlike any idea someone may hold in their minds of Africa. There, a few feet or at least a dusting of snow each winter is almost expected. Our backyard , with its Apple and Cherry Trees , was the prettiest I’d ever seen, particularly when the fruit trees bloomed .

In early Spring, while the kettle boiled water frozen overnight, I’d gaze out over our small yet picturesque back yard and marvel at the display of blossoms, daydreaming about the potential of each one…a ripe, delectable fruit. One morning shortly after this as I stood barefoot on the icy stone floor arranging mugs on a tray for our morning coffee ( and hot chocolate for the boys ) from the corner of my eye I noticed a change, the same yet different, but change it was.

It had snowed overnight! My heart almost stopped with the overwhelming beauty of it all. Still barefoot, not even noticing the cold ground, I stepped outside to walk between the trees , inspecting each one in turn, ascertaining whether damage had been inflicted. Unbelievably all was intact, each blossom and their leaves delicately frosted and at my feet one single Cherry Blossom in the Snow.
Now you know. :D

Although this pattern isn't so original at first glance it was a challenge for me as a novice crocheter to design a 5-petaled flower motif, round it off, and then square it too. My calculator came in handy as well as grade school math. :D

The instructions are in US TERMS only.
Please feel free to contact me here or FB if you get stuck. My pattern explaining and writing skills are still in training. :D