Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Off to the beach!

The weather here has been perfect! I'm a Pluviophile and hated by many for singing and dancing when I see storm clouds gathering. Sadly, though, there are consequences. The dogs become house-bound, and very naughty, play-fighting all over the house, traipsing muddy paw marks through the house, becoming bored and chewing things to bits. So walkies are essential. We pile the three of them into the back of our pick-up. It's always a bit mad! They become so ecstatic that they start biting each other! Then all the way to the "walk" it's like we have three very over-excited Monkeys at the back. The noise they make is indescribable. People stare. It's all part of the fun, really.

Two of our doggies are rescues, one of them is a bonafide street dog rescue. Ol' Harry, our Alsatian, was found starving near to death, as he lay on the side of the road with a broken pelvis , unable to move or find help. My husband happened to catch sight of him out of the corner of his eye while driving along a busy road on his way to work. It snowed that day! He stopped to investigate and found the poor boy in a terrible state. He could barely lift his head! My husband bundled him up in a blanket we always keep in the back for our other dogs. The intention was that at least the poor dog could die in a safe place. But an hour later, he was still going. My husband left work and we brought Harry ( we wanted him to die with a name, at least! ) to the Vet. To cut a long story short, after a long period at the Vet hospital and a year of recovery we have our amazing Harry! He still walks a bit funny but what a sweet, adorable, lovable, playful and goofy boy he has become.
He used to be TERRIFIED of water, but now he runs into waves and jumps into streams and rivers! I think it is my absolute best part of our walks, watching our dogs have the time of their lives1 They always have so much fun, and make me laugh!

Winter walks are such a joy. Unlike summer walks which leave us all in a sweaty steamy puddle. Except my husband. It can't be too hot for him. Meh!

Stormy weather off the coast always brings treasures. My husband, especially, has a keen eye for these. He found Nautilus shells! Two! These are so very delicate it's a real miracle they reach the shore in one piece at all!

If I do find shell loot, it always seems to be these. I have a growing collection in sizes large to tiny.

But my best find was this. A Rainbow coloured simple little Mussel shell. It was the day after the massacre at the Pulse Club in Orlando, USA. It was as if even the oceans were sending a message of comfort and love.

Wherever you may call Home on this beautiful planet may your days be filled with Peace, Love. and Crochet.

Happy Hookin' and love, always.